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Guitar Tips of the Pros Videos
Sent right to your email with valuable tips on taking your guitar playing to the next level. Quick, concise keys that separate average players from truly great players. Each video is around five minutes in length. For electric or acoustic guitar players of all levels. Taught by professional guitarist and award-winning educator Steve Krenz.
New Videos Added Regularly
New videos will be added throughout the year.  Whenever a new video is added, you will automatically receive it.
Additional Tips from Guest Artists
Bonus videos from some of the greatest guitarists on the scene today offering personal insights into their playing and style. 
Topics Include:
  • Creativity and Improvising with JD Simo (featured in Rolling Stone Magazine)
  • Pentatonic Magic with Chris Rodriguez (guitarist for Kelly Clarkson, Peter Cetera)
  • Buying Vintage Guitars with George Gruhn (owner of legendary Gruhn Guitars in Nashville)
Steve Krenz
Professional guitarist and award-winning educator, Steve Krenz has played guitar for numerous Grammy winning artists live and in the studio.  He is a featured instructor on and is the author of Learn & Master Guitar - winner of the Acoustic Guitar Magazine's Players Choice Award for Best Instructional Material.